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Developer description

Pipes helps you track the things you love. Add a pipe for any topic you want to follow, like the World Cup, and watch your screen fill up with articles about FIFA mania. We bring you information from all over the web in one unique feed and update this feed constantly.

Personalised notifications every time there is a piece of news or update about the event. Of course, we don't want to spam you so you can select how often you want to receive these notifications. And if you still don’t know what to add, give your phone a little shake and we’ll tell you what’s trending.

You now know your Pipes better than ever as we’ve integrated Wikipedia. Just swipe to the Wikipedia tab to get a complete low down. Now that's a gold mine right there!

But, information is boring if it's boring to look at. That's why we broke our backs and wallets to crack a riveting design. A clean, streamlined interface with stunning visuals adds a whole new life to your Pipes. (Especially if your Pipe is Kim Kardashian).

When no one's listening, we call Pipes a beast of complete information packed in a pipin' hot design. But really, it's just a heartfelt attempt at keeping you connected with the things you love.

Last updated 27 Jun 2014