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Developer description

Pixel Fingers has a simple, but pretty addictive concept, with dynamics and pacing only possible on touchscreen devices. The Game is a mix of arcade and action with a small flavor of puzzle, and at the same time somehow familiar and cute, but with entirely new characters and concept.

Go through multiple levels divided in five rounds and destroy all pixel creatures using your fingers. Reach the top before the time’s up!

Every creature has to be dealt with in its own unique way, which you must find and use.

The game art in Pixel Fingers has been entirely created with software running on post-PC devices such as the iPad®, and this was intentional.

Says Pavel Simeonov, “That was one of my biggest challenges, but I didn’t want to just drop the idea and follow the easy way using a desktop PC. On the other hand, it helped me dive into the mobile gaming universe better and also feel the needed perception of the characters even before exporting them. This method definitely has its pluses.”

Last updated 7 Jun 2012