Developer description

Have your most recent photos already loaded when you launch the app, arrange and select your photos easily with a drag or a flick of your finger, upload your photos in the background and get an alert when it's done. Now uploading photos to Facebook is more fun than ever!

✓ Upload up to 8 photos at one time
✓ Preload up to 8 most recent photos on startup
✓ Easily select and arrange the order of photos
✓ Add photo caption and tagging
✓ Background support for uploading
✓ Support for multiple Facebook accounts

More Features
✓ Select multiple photos from the Photo Library at one time
✓ Create new photo album on Facebook
✓ Option to temporarily disable sleep mode while uploading
✓ Auto upload retries for network errors
✓ Option to change how the 'Add Photo' button behaves
✓ 2 different color themes

Last updated 13 Apr 2012

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