Developer description

Welcome to Pizza Blitz! Go on adventures as a pizza delivery person and don't fail to deliver! You won't like customers when they're angry!
Dodge! Dash! Jump! All in the name of delivering pizza! Your job as a pizza delivery boy at Pizza Blitz is to get the pizza to the customer by any means necessary! but watch out for obstacles! Three hits by any vehicle and you're out! And try to prevent falling in the river - no customer likes soggy pizza!
Experience the thrill of delivering pizzas like never before! Explore 5 different environments, including Farmland, Off-road jumps, the City, and the desert. Each environment has their own obstacles (You won't find much gas in the dessert, for instance.)! Each environment has a variety of weather conditions that effect it, including rain, snow, night, and daytime! You must upgrade your vehicles to face these weather conditions head-on!
Pick from a variety of unique vehicles, ranging from a skateboard to a monster truck! Each vehicle has its own set of upgrades that help you deliver pizzas more efficiently! Each vehicle has their own unique upgrades to make the task even easier!
Oh, and golden pizzas are hidden throughout the game! While they may seem impossible at first, as you play the game you will discover them. These can be used to unlock ultra-rare vehicles, including a muscle car, a track car, and a supercar!
Now get out there and deliver pizzas! You could be the first pizza delivery person to have a shot at delivering in the luxury of a Super supercar!

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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