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Developer description

1. PlaceOfMine aggregates in excess of a million apartment listings from thousands of websites, including individual property management sites, Internet listings sites etc.

2. A mechanism (called CaPinion) that will compare and rate each apartment along the lines of rent, access to public transit, proximity to amenities and past crime occurrences around the area. To build the mechanism, information was procured from many sources such as U.S. Census Bureau, OpenStreetMaps, Factual, Wikipedia, police department of various cities etc

3.Allow users to create lists with apartments they are interested in and collaborate on these lists with friends. Think of it as a Dropbox for apartments. Users can add comments, pictures (taken during apartment walkthroughs) and notes to each apartment or even add apartments to lists that they found when they were pounding the street.

4.Has multiple features that enhance the search such as transit overlays, crime heatmaps in select cities, neighborhood filters etc.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015