Developer description

PlaceILive is a community and data driven platform that helps you choose where to live in a city. Through maps that visualize neighborhood statistics and using feedback from locals you know how good the location of a property listing is or how much it satisfies your needs. Every house, street and neighborhood in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Berlin has gotten a Life Quality Index this way.
This LQI is a score between 0 and 100 that tells you how good that specific location is. The score depends on the quality of transport, entertainment, demographics, safety, daily life, sports and leisure, and health. The information on these aspects comes from institutions, like the US Census, and companies like Foursquare and Breezometer. The LQI is also available as an API for property listings. All of this information is visible in their maps.
So you can check out how safe different neighborhoods, how bad the air pollution is or how far away the nearest bus stop is. As data does not always tell the entire story, the platform allows residents to leave their own feedback. They can score their house, street and neighborhood themselves and share their own impressions: is the area messy, is it more for singles or for families, and is there enough parking space.
The aim of PlaceILive is to help newcomers find the best location to live and feel welcome there from day one, while giving current residents a place to connect. This way the platform helps you to find your way through the city and into the community.

Last updated 15 May 2015

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