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By installing Places Explorer – Best Nearby Finder & Directions you will find the best locations nearby. You can check the weather forecast, find restaurants, hire a taxi or simply find directions to any place you want, all within your Android smartphone or tablet. With Places Explorer, you can also navigate over places with our advanced AR navigation system.

As a traveler, have you ever struggled in an unfamiliar new city? You don’t know where to find restaurants and entertainment within a certain distance. Perhaps in your trip, you want to know the best places that you can visit or you are looking for a great restaurant that serves delicious food without having to travel across town. Now you don’t have to worry about those issues ever again. We bring you Places Explorer, the ultimate traveler app that will give you access to millions of places and tourist attractions around the world so you have an extraordinary trip. It will show you the best places within your current city or any city in the world and even give you directions to let you reach those places easily and fast.

★★ Top features of Places Explorer – Find Nearby Places & Directions ★★

✓ Quickly and easily find nearby places. We designed a very easy to use interface that will simplify your life and let you find all places that you are looking for in your neighborhood within a few seconds. It will also let you reach them quickly and accurately.
✓ Get the best places within any city you want and also check the reviews and pictures of this place.
✓ You can check the weather forecast of any city even before visiting it. A good weather is the key for an amazing trip.
✓ Our traveler app is free and you can start using it with no fees.
✓ Find the best route to your destination easily. The best thing is that it will give you the faster one, but you can also choose other routes if you want.
✓ Very well detailed information about the estimate duration to reach your destination as well as distance and petrol required. You can find routes for cars, bicycle or even pedestrians.
✓ Live information about the traffic to help you choose the best route and save a lot of time.
✓ Estimation for the cost of fuel for a trip
✓ Don’t have a car and want to take a taxi? You can easily hire a taxi cab on our app to reach your destination as fast as possible.
✓ Our AR navigation system will let you navigate over places using the augmented reality technology.
✓ Real-time instructions & road signs.

This traveler app is indispensable for every traveler for many reasons. One of the most important things is that you can find the best places to visit. You won’t be confused about which places to visits and how to spend your time on your trip. Having fun in a new place is easier if you have this app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

An app to find restaurants is simply a must-have for people who are picky eaters or have certain dietary restrictions. It is important for vegetarians and vegans to find a restaurant that serves certain kind of food. Aside from dietary restrictions, maybe you are just in the mood for certain food or cuisine. With Places Explorer, you only need to tap on your device to find your favorite food.

When you are on your trip, don’t forget to explore nature and leave the hustle and bustle of the city life behind. Go for a walk in a garden, a bicycle ride or hike in a forest or national park. You can find all these places with us.

Places Explorer is a perfect traveler app for tourists or people who travel for business. Even if you have already made plans for your trip, there are times when you want to do something spontaneous and different. However, you are not sure if these places are within reach. This is why you always need Places Explorer because it will simplify your life and will be your perfect guide while traveling.

What are you waiting for? Download Places Explorer - Find Nearby Places & Directions and enjoy the best travel guide app ever!

Last updated 21 Feb 2019