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PlagSpotter is a free duplicate content checker. Tool is easy-to-use but yet powerful, allows ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2012

When one thinks of plagiarism the first thing that comes to mind is the student cut and pasting information off the Internet - something that of course is very much frowned upon. However, PlagSpotter is a plagiarism tracker with more universal aspirations. In reality, this free application features a set of tools that are effectively what is known as a duplicate content checker. For a start, it enables you to analyze exactly how your content is being shared on the net and whether it is being stolen or not. What's more, some sites who 'borrow' or 'duplicate' content might well find that it could affect and lower it's search engine rating.
Basically, PlagSpotter is a revolutionary online and easy-to-use and duplicate content checker. It is a powerful, free set of tools that allows the user to simply insert the URL of any site they want to scan and to find out if any content from that site is being used on any other site on the Web. This helps to detect and prevent the stealing of a website's content as well as letting you detect how your content is spreading on the Web and where it goes, with or without proper citing.The user can get a list of sites that duplicate the original source in a couple of seconds by displaying excerpts of the plagiarized text in a sentence by sentence format. PlagSpotter allows its premium subscribers to select a number of their web pages to be automatically analyzed for duplicate content and notifies the user of any breach or plagiarism detection.
Sometimes the people that copy and use the information from your site do it for your benefit but at other times it is just theft. The most important thing for you, is knowing who is sharing that information and, for that, this free plagiarism tracker will come in really useful. Many search engines take a very dim view of duplicate information and will often downgrade a site's ranking if it is offering duplicate material. PlagTracker is an improved and perfected version of another well-known alternative duplicate content checker tool called CopyScape and aims to make it the most accurate duplicate content detection algorithm available to everyone.

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