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Published 20 May 2020

We here at the FeedMyApp offices have reviewed plenty of time management apps over the last few years. All offer something a little different and many get better with the onset of new technology and new methods. The fact is, over time, the apps get more and more efficient, offer even better features and are more user friendly. Given the difficult times we are going through at the moment it seems obvious that businesses are going to have to get much better organised and must be able to plan their time better in order to return things to the way they were and to ensure that their company grows properly. Better time management is an excellent way to start. 

PlanArty is a new iOS and Android app for freelancers, self-employed professionals and small businesses (ideally under ten people) that solves many of those time-related problems caused by busy schedules. However, unlike many others, this one offers amongst its many features a complete and continuous planning and workflow design with no gaps in its timeline. This enables smaller business owners to maintain that delicate balance between professional and their personal life. It also includes an excellent feature that gives a visual and statistical comparison between the time that you set aside for specific tasks and the time that it actually takes to get them done. 

Of course, that's not all this app gives you. There's a to-do list that makes life easy for both short and long...