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Published 20 May 2020

[cont'd] term planning which, incidentally, is featured in a nice looking calendar display. It's simple to plan and track your workday and split billable and non-billable hours as well as creating areas for clients, projects and other activities. There's also a feature that allows a detailed breakdown for estimates of proposals or project scheduling with a detailed timesheet ready for client billing. All records and reports can be exported via excel and the app is so user friendly and runs so smoothly that it will free up your day for the important things - and that includes increasing your turnover. The app also has a 'someday tasks' feature where you can forward plan various goals and ideas and get to them when you have time. 

PlanArty is a cloud-based app that lets you quickly and easily plan, track and reach all your professional and personal goals with this simple-to-use and very effective time tracking app for small business. Your business can become far more efficient and as professional as the big guys with all your important detailed data visible at a glance on the dashboard in the one continuous flow. Better planning and time management could well be the thing that ensures companies survive through this Covid-19 crisis. What's more, you can use it on any of your devices when connected to the Internet so the app can be accessed wherever you are and whenever you wish. 

PlanArty can be downloaded for free and it...