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Always know that you have the best organization in place. leverages Artificial intelligence to constantly, instantly and automatically calculate who on your team should do what/when and when things will be done.

START DELIVERING - Stop assigning tasks
Describe the skills of your team and what skill is required to perform a task.

Planless takes care of the planning for you by finding who on your team is the best suited to perform a task depending on his knowledge and availability.

AUTOMATIC PLANNING - Instantly adapt to change
Things move fast and change every day, teams need to be agile and reactive.

In planless, every time something changes, our intelligent engine recalculates instantly and automatically the best organization for you.

STAY ON TRACK - Start seeing real results
With planless, you’ll get a 360° visibility on what is happening on your projects.

Embrace uncertainty and hit your deadline while having an eye on what can improve your business.


All details about your projects, from documents to teammates' discussions in one single place.

Planless gives you all the tools you need to securely find what you need instantly and successfully manage all your projects!

Try for free for 15 days and discover how you, like thousands of our users, can be more efficient and automate your teamwork.

Last updated 4 Feb 2020

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