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Developer description

Plannacle is an online service where its users plan/record what activities they have undertaken and what they plan to undertake during the year. An activity can be anything from something as adventurous as a bungee jump to something quite normal like attending a festival or even as common as throwing a birthday for someone or attending a wedding. The idea is that users would end up with a record of what they have done and what has happened to them during the year. They will be able to share what they have done with their social friends. Users can also see what their friends have on their plan and add their activities to their own plan. Users can also see what activities are recommended for them by means of a recommended page but also a groupon style newsletter. The idea of the site is to get people realising what there is to do in life and encourage them to actually do it by allowing them to gain achievements by completing activities in their lives.

Last updated 30 Nov 2012