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Plans makes it easy to expand your social life and keep track of it using a streamlined event calendar. A free social event planner app, Plans takes all the guess-work out of finding and creating fun local events - and keeps the fun in it! Use the app to find fun activities, meet people, meet friends, and make meaningful experiences in real life. Download now to become your own event organizer!


Plans allows you an easy way to meet people, make friends, and plan local events. An easy-to-use event planner, it also gives you diverse opportunities to meet friends in real life at local events. Plans is a dynamic event management tool, and a must-have for every event planner. Whether you’re a pro or just looking to find fun events and meet new people, Plans is the event organizer for everyone.

- Use Plans as an event organizer to schedule fun events, find things to do, meet friends in real life, and invite them to local events - via app, text, email and link
- Explore and find nearby places to make plans, meet new people, and create a friends meetup
- Keep track of an event’s status and event attendance in real time
- Use the event calendar to keep track of your social life
- Use Plans as an event management tool to view and discuss event details


With Plans, it’s easy to make friends, meet people, and build your social network. Use Plans to explore upcoming events and meet friends in real life! You can create or attend a friends meetup in a few easy steps, and use our event calendar to keep track of your growing social life.

- Explore upcoming and live events to find things to do
- Attend live events and capture moments to share or post for memories
- Meet friends and make plans anywhere
- Build your social network and keep track of plans on the event calendar
- Chat with friends before, during, and after an event
- Receive event notifications for updates, post, comments, and more


- Share and download photos and videos from your event
- Easily share live moments from your event
- Save and share events, posts, photos, and videos with anyone

It’s never been so easy to create quality experiences and share them with friends! With Plans, you won’t get lost in the digital feed. After you make plans, you can get right back to doing things in real life. The streamlined event calendar keeps track of your events so you don’t have to. Plans supports you, your friends, family, and audience in getting together and sharing your unique experiences.

Last updated 4 Nov 2021

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