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Remind yourself to drink the right amount of water every day with this fun plant game

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Published 26 May 2021

[cont'd] and Spain upon initial release back in 2019 - now has premium features added with users able to subscribe to the new daily hydration plan that enables them to virtually grow their very own customized plants that come with unique personalities and interact with you using dialogue pop-ups. 

It's easy to forget about keeping our bodies hydrated but this app gives us all the incentive we need to regulate our water intake and keep our bodies in good working order. To incentivize us, each glass of water that we drink will also hydrate our app plant and help it to thrive. When you achieve your water intake objective, the plant will look happy which indicating you're adequately hydrated. The app keeps track of exactly how much we drink and feeds our virtual plants with the corresponding amount. It's a simple but effective way for users of all ages to keep up their water intake. Plant Nanny² Water Tracker will also keep track of our water intake and reminds us when we need to drink more. But, I hear you ask, won't it wake us up in the middle of the night to remind us to drink? Thankfully not. The app only works between 8 am and 10 pm so you can sleep soundly for better health.

The app itself is very easy to use and the plant designs will appeal to young and old. There are all kinds of special pots and containers to...