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Published 25 Jan 2013

It looks as if the trials and tribulations associated with the global financial crisis have probably hit their low point and there are signs that the world is finally dragging itself out of the biggest financial maelstrom since the great depression of the '30's. While not suggesting that things are rosy for many, it may be the time to get your finances in order and start again and begin to get better organized monetarily so you are prepared for any eventuality if it ever happens again. Planwise is a free and very simple and easy to use financial planning application where you can input your financial information as well as your plans for the future and see if your financial planning actually works out.
Controlling your finances can be a very stressful situation. Im sure we've all had our moments when we have had to save up for something special like paying for a much needed vacation, planning a wedding, buying a house or even having children. All require a serious commitment on your part and also require you to be far better organized with your finances. Planwise is a really simple, free app that lets you see how your future financial situation will change based on what you're doing today and what you have planned for tomorrow and the rest of your life. The app takes in the impact of your major plans and allows you to plan for your holiday (or whatever it may be) by tracking all your income and outgoings starting at your current financial state and working its way through all your earnings and spendings to make it easier to see what you can afford, how to reduce your debt levels and give you a better idea of where you stand. You can add as many plans as you like and tie them up to future events to see whether the idea is a feasible one.  It's like a crystal ball for your finances, requires no personal data, has no advertising, is completely free and works in any country!
Things were so much easier before the GFC but we are all still a bit in the grips of fear for our financial futures. So it has become far more imperative now to have some sort of financial plan for the future. You could go out and hire a financial planner but most people can't afford that so Planwise is a credible alternative that helps you have a better look at where you stand and whether you can afford that trip down the East coast of America for a well needed vacation. It's easy to use and you don't need to put in any personal information but it does help you to understand your financial position better and see where you stand. If nothing else, Planwise is a fun diversion to get a better handle on your income, your spending and your debt.

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