Developer description

Plata POS it is sales management (mPOS, mobile POS) application developed for Android platform. Using very simple but intuitive GUI you can register your sales using build in camera for barcode scanning, code might be entered manually or you can enter product name using keyboard - with dynamic lookup. All transactions are stored in the database, smoothly displayed on charts as well as are available to export in CSV format. App gives you options to send sales receipt through e-mail or print it using Google cloud print service. Of course you can customize your printout as well. Application handles both VAT and Sales tax and has predefined tax rates for over 160 countries. Spanish, Polish and Russian language versions available along with English one. Products are stored in Categories and each product has manufacturer assigned. Two important strengths: you can start working with it just after downloading, no registration, troublesome setup, nothing like that. At last but not least - application is totally free. No payments, no registration, no credit card required.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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