Developer description

PlaybookUX is a user testing tool to get video based feedback from your target demographic on websites, prototypes, concepts and more.

PlaybookUX does everything from recruiting the right participants, to incentivizing them, transcribing the sessions and analyzing the videos to extract actionable insights.

- Moderated interviews and unmoderated (setting tasks for testers)
- Website, Product, Wireframe and Prototype Testing
- Targeted Demographics: Specify your target demographic across data points such as job title, industry, age, household income and more. Our panel consists of 50,000 verified participants.
- Unlimited Screener Questions: Screen participants for specific behaviors.
- Automated Transcripts: We’ll transcribe your sessions so you don’t have to.
- Bring your own customers: Feel free to invite your own customers, or use own panel
- We handle all incentives
- Synthesis: Our A.I. model will extract the most meaningful things said during the session.
- Concurrent studies: Run as many studies as you’d like.
- Unlimited Admin seats: User research is a team effort, so invite your whole team.

Last updated 2 Sep 2019

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