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Player4u Lite - Mp4 HD Videos Player is a Video Player app which supports all .Video and.Audio formats and provides us with a lot of features that every user needs with any Video Player app.

Key Features of Player4u Lite - Video Player app

All-in-one Video Player app - This Player4u lite - Mp4 HD Video player app is a kind of app that supports all Video and Audio files including 4K Video, Mp4 Videos, Ultra Hd, HD Videos, MKV, and AVI and all other Video and Audio File format.

Picture in Picture Mode - This Video Player app provides us with a feature with which any user can watch Video while using other features of the phone

.ScreenShot and Child Lock feature - This Video Player app provides us with the ability to take screenshots of our favorite scenes with just a single tap on the screenshot icon while watching any video. Along with this there is another Screen Lock feature also which provides us a facility to lock our screen to avoid accidental touches while Watching Videos.

Favorite and Player List Feature - Player4u Lite - Mp4 HD Video Player provides us feature to add our favorite songs to our favorite list with just a single tap on the Heart icon while listening to music and it provides us feature to create a playlist of our own choice.

Artist and Albums - In this all-in-one Player4u lite Video player app you will get all songs and albums already sorted with Names and Dates. So now not to worry about taking time to separate all Audios or music with artist or album names.

Player Video as Audio - Player4u Lite provides us a unique feature, to Play any .Video as Audio in HD quality. (Video to MP3 converter)

Custom Gestures - This Video Player app provides us with a feature of custom gestures with which gestures can be customized to adjust the Brightness of the Video, adjust the volume and Duration time of the video that we are watching.

Music player - As player4u lite is a Video player but now it comes with music player also so now it becomes Player4u lite - Media player app.

Dark And light mode - This MP4 HD player app offers you two modes with light and dark mode in which you will get 2 types of the User interface.

Compatibility Check - This app is very much compatible with all android devices and runs effortlessly on all Android devices supporting all Video and Audio file formats.

Speed control - Player4u lite provides you the features to control the speed of Video or Audio easily by dragging the Video bar or by selecting directly 3X, 4X or 5X speed of Video.

Equalizer - This Video player app comes with Digital Equalizer so now enhancing the quality of Music with Bass, Treble, Frequency of music is now in your hand.

Regular Updates - We provide regular updates to our users You just need to turn on the app notifications to get the regular updates. We have made the Player4u lite - Mp4 HD Video player all format application by keeping the comfort level of our users in our mind.
User interest is what matters the most. We are booming this application day by day.

Last updated 17 Mar 2022

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