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Published 29 May 2016

[cont'd] even follow specific players across all four codes so you get to know everything that happens to them the second it is known.

Probably it's most interesting extra inclusion however is the app's proprietary 'lines' feature that gives you a better idea of how your fellow users feel about player performance. The app combines their data to give you an insight into how specific players are perceived by the community. There is a ranking board and, the better your predictions are, the higher you'll rank amongst the community's elite.

Somebody once told me that if you can talk intelligently about sport to someone, even if you've never met them before, you'll have a friend for life. Playerline has a huge community of fantasy sports lovers just like yourself, who you can talk to about everything from Stephen Curry's latest monster 3 pointer to Tom Brady's inside leg measurement. If you want to stay on top of the pack and find out all the stats and gossip about your chosen fantasy sports roster, Playerline has it all at your fingertips. It's available now for iPhone, iPad and Android for free right now.