Developer description

Our Online Game editor is designed to allow for the making of 3D games (in Real-time) on mobile devices, using Drag n Drop technology with little to no coding needed.

The beauty of this game engine is that it is compatible with all mobile operating systems including Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and even Tizen, as seen on this video demo:

Below are the App URL for PLAYIR on Android, iOS and Windows




Our Real-Time updates allow for instant visuals on the development of games and allows for editing to take place instantly too. This drastically improves the time it takes to create games, comparing conventional ways that involve waiting times during compiling.

Furthermore, games are automatically multi-player enable, where you can play with or against others even if you are using a different mobile operating system to them (i.e. an Android users can play against a iOS user, against a Window user)....The aim here is to open up closed platforms for freedom of choice.

Last updated 28 Feb 2014

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