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Published 11 Oct 2012

So have you ever built your own website or even thought about putting one together? Website builders often offer huge, complicated behemoths of design that are not only hard to create but also cost a fair amount of money. Quite often they are so complicated that you end up hiring a professional design team to do it for you. This is fine for big business but, if you are a small business or a creative professional, that's often  not an option. Plebu is a 'software as a service' web design and website creator that makes it easy and cheap to quickly put together a professional website that is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Plebu is a new kind of website builder for small businesses and creative professionals that is designed for people who have never built a website before. This unique app specializes in making user-friendly websites for real people and it does this by discovering what your visitors actually want from your site and give you a ridiculously easy way to build it according to those specifications. And with mobile devices changing the way we interact with the internet, Plebu websites are designed with mobile devices in mind. When you build your website here you not only create a version for your desktop but also versions for tablets and mobiles. While there are many similar website building apps these days this one offers you all the tools and free advice you need to create a...