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Pleeq – amazing image bookmarking. Save your favorite images from the internet in one place and ... More

Editor's review

Published 8 Sep 2011

Pleeq is the simplest of bookmarking photo share tools. There's nothing flashy or pretentious about it. It's just a place to save your favorite images from the internet in one place and then share it with friends and other users.

When you find a cool picture, just click the Pleeq bookmarklet (yes thats what they are called. Nice touch, eh?) and select the image you want to save.The ‘You will like it’ feature shows you pictures from other users on your favorite topics. This makes it the best tool for inspiration. Or you can just explore images others have saved. The pictures on show are gorgeous, that's for sure. You can also directly Pleeq pictures from the site to add them to your page.

This free bookmarking photo share tool is as easier to use than falling off a log. And that's what you want I guess. Somewhere to keep all those pretty pictures you downloaded on the net. Just don't let your mum see them. There are a number of different categories you can tune in and the pics are certainly inspirational so...