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Editor's review

Published 8 Nov 2011

In this day and age with the internet being what it is planning a trip is certainly a lot easier. Gone are the days when you either bought all the guide books yourself or borrowed them from a library. All you need to do now is tap in the destination and a whole mine of information is revealed.

Using the internet for arranging travel has undoubtedly given people more independence however doing it yourself still requires visiting a number of sites in order to get everything covered. Apart from the obvious attractions you need to know how to get around a particular city, where to stay and the best places to eat all within your own specified budget. is a free site that will take all of this hassle away and by asking five simple starter questions can present you with a detailed itinerary that can then be reviewed and amended accordingly.

The first question is obvious, where do you want to go? After that though you can pretty much tailor the system to give you the experience you’re after. If it’s a first time visit, if you’re taking the kids, if you like the outdoors or perhaps you’re a complete culture vulture; these preferences are all taken into consideration. You can also set the level of intensity required so if you want to pack a lot in to a short space of time or take the trip at a more relaxed pace then you can.

What you’ll get back is a detailed itinerary full of suggestions and route planners based on your answers and preferred budget. All of the suggested places can be viewed in detail and you have the opportunity to accept or reject any of no interest or even suggest some that the site hasn’t come up with. Any rejections are automatically replaced with alternatives and the whole itinerary is re-calculated.

New destinations are being added all of the time and so it’s worth checking to see if yours is on the list. It costs nothing and so you’ll lose nothing. The site also promises that the information is bang up to date so you’re unlikely to arrive at an attraction to find it closed for refurbishment.

I like the look of this app and as it’s free it has to be worth a look at if you’re planning a first time trip. It could also be fun to use just as confirmation of an itinerary you already have in mind. Either way it is probably a great starting point and will reduce the time and effort spent trawling lots of travel sites.

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