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Chart your Crohn's with Plop app. Made by a Crohn's sufferer for Crohn's suffers, Plop is designed to simply record your symptoms and then share them with your doctor.

It can be hard to remember your history when you have to see your health practitioner and discuss your symptoms. You may forget exact details, as each day seems like the last when you have a long term illness. You may find your memory lies to you, as often what you recollect is not the same as the actual hard data. You may also lie to yourself exaggerating how well or how ill you really have been. These have all happened to me. So I designed Plop to give my doctor a more truthful picture of my symptoms.

Using medical charting scales that are presented in the friendliest of ways you can record many ailments that can befall a Crohn's sufferer. The Harvey Bradshaw Index (HBI is a possible indicator of disease activity) is calculated automatically, where this is usually calculated by a filling in a survey. The Bristol Scale is used to record your bowel movements. The Pain scale is used to measure your abdominal pain (you can also record your pain position). You can chart your weight and Plop is Health Kit compatible. You can also take notes with your symptoms if you need to remember something specific or outside of the recording scope.

There are easy to understand bite sized analysis cards to show how you have been doing. Compare measured scores, look at your bowel movement history, abdominal pain position, general well being, complications, weight and notes. You can simply use the calendar to compare day to day measures.

This data can all be used to build a beautiful custom report PDF that can be shared with your health practitioner. You can even export your data as CSV file to make your own analysis if you require (there is a complete key for the scores and what they mean). All your reports and exported data can be viewed in a history folder.

Please note that the app does not share your private data. The data stays on the app and is never shared or accesses by other services, the data will always stay your data and be private to your account.

Last updated 15 May 2017

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