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Developer description is a free online graphing calculator which helps people in plotting graphs with ease.

You only need to enter a math formula and click on "Submit" and leave the rest of the work to the site. The tool enables you to plot graphs of both 2-dimensiona as well as 3-dimensional functions. You can set the range of the graph by entering the corresponding values in X-high and X-low fields and then click "Submit" to update the current plot. Once you are satisfied with the graph, you can export it to the PDF format.

The tool is also able to calculate function derivatives. In order to do so you find a "f'(x)" button below the graph. The app will calculate the function derivative analytically and plot it into the coordinate frame together with the original graph. The usage of this graph plotting app is free and there are no usage limitations. You will also find some useful background information about how to calculate function derivatives and other math problems at this site.

Last updated 22 Nov 2019

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