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Plursty is a upcoming mobile application that allows you to check-in to music events and ... More

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Published 26 Mar 2014

When I was in my teens I went to so many gig sit is hard to remember them all but there was a period there of a year or so where I listed every single band that I saw in a diary. I think it came to about 385 if I remember rightly. I wish I had kept that diary. You'd have to spend a small fortune to see that many bands these days with current gig prices. I guess the modern day equivalent of that is the 'rave' music scene but, with so many punters being under the influence of one thing or the other, I have a feeling that not many 'ravers' would be able to remember everything that happened and who they saw at an event. Which is where Plursty comes in. It's a music event 'diary' app that lets you track your event-going history and collect badges for those that you attend.
 Plursty is a brand new mobile application that allows you to keep a record of the music events you've attended, log what you did and who you saw and collect Kandi when you do it. You know how it is? You turn up to a rave event where a whole bunch of DJ's and musicians are playing but you are a little worse for where - let's call it 'tired and emotional' - and, by the time it's over, you have absolutely no idea who you just saw. When you attend an event, just pull out your phone and do a search to see if Kandi is available. Take a picture of the people on stage, add a note about the event to remind you of what went on and share it with friends. Every time you check in, you get a piece of Kandi for that event for your profile. Your favorite artists probably have no idea that you've been to see them heaps of times? Plursty's event tracking tool ranks which fans have gone to more shows and events of their favorite artists than anyone else. This could lead to the artists themselves recognizing their top fans and launching giveaways and other rewards.
It would have been very useful to have had an app like Plursty when I was going to gigs back then. I can remember quite a few of the bands I saw that year but other events are just a blur now. If it comes to that, a mobile might have been useful, too. This simple to use app that you can whip out on your mobile let's you track your 'raving good times' and collect Kandi rewards. It's a great bit of fun that could well catch on - given the amount of people who attend events and raves, these days. It could probably do with adding a bit more to its 'social' side to really take off but I can see good things ahead for this one.

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