Developer description

Plustxt India - India's text & SMS messaging app
Plustxt allows fast text messaging in most Indian languages. It is also as fast as any other text messaging app. You can even respond to SMS messages in your own language. And now you can do status update to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in your own language.
All Plustxt to Plustxt messages are free - and guaranteed for delivery. We are working to provide free SMS for you so that you never have to go out of the Plustxt inbox at all!
Start empowered texting now on Android (Soon on iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phones and Java phones)
Plustxt is a BIG plus on other texting platforms - so the name Plus Text (Plustext) or Plustxt in short.
Text in your own language
Plustxt also allows you to text your friends & relatives in India in your own language. We are working to build Plustxt as a glocal (global yet local) texting platform and are starting off with India!
We presently support -
We are going to support Bengali and Urdu soon.
So go ahead and start messaging in your own language for FREE.
If you want us to support more languages - please drop us a mail at - [email protected]
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Last updated 13 Jun 2013