Developer description

Plustxt has released the latest version of its revolutionary texting app which supports cross lingual text messaging across 7 Indian languages. This is a unique feature which leverages the fact that most users like to communicate in their own language - as seen worldwide in text messaging systems. Plustxt does this by a suggestion mechanism which suggests words similar to the text you type depending upon the language of your choice. Plustxt presently supports 7 Indian languages namely - Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati and Marathi. It is coming soon in 5 other Indian languages, Arabic, Bahasa.

Plustxt also closely integrates with your SMS inbox and SMS text messages are received and viewed in the same inbox. This allows you a much better SMS response and also see all your text messages in one place - rather than in two separate inboxes. You can also respond to SMS text messages in your own language now!

Lastly Plustxt comes powered with robust privacy controls which allow you to protect every text message that you send out. So your privacy remains protected while you text easily and seamlessly in your own language!

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Last updated 19 Dec 2012