Developer description

POANG Fantasy Football is a one of a kind hybrid between traditional season-long round-based fantasy football and role-playing football manager games. Available on iOS, Android, Facebook and Web, POANG Fantasy Football offers an immersive gameplay experience never seen before in regular fantasy football games.

POANG Fantasy Football allows users to create fantasy teams and obtain points from the real-time performance of players in the top leagues in Europe: England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and the Netherlands, besides the Champions League and Europa League.

Using POANG Fantasy Football’s high score and rolling average system, users can sign up at any time during the season without affecting their chances of success. Users may challenge friends head to head and share their success on social media. Other features include the ability to upgrade facilities such as the Scouting Team (more transfers per round), Medical Team (more challenges per round) and Stadium (more money per round according to real-life attendance of real-world stadiums) to increase users’ chances of creating the best team possible.

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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