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Developer description

You won't believe how real the cute dog in this game seems!
You won't believe how smart either!
Welcome to Pocket K-9
– A real dog in the palm of your hand!
Meet your cute new pet and take Charlie wherever you go.
Your new dog is friendly, very clever and ready to play, are you? This adorable smart dog will respond to gestures and play with you when you get bored!
There are many different tricks to discover, just make gestures with your fingertip and Charlie will perform an amazing trick! Uncover the unique gestures and watch as Charlie rolls, spins, barks and more!
Don't forget to give food and water or Charlie will leave you! Learn all about the breed with Wikipedia encyclopedia. Once Charlie has discovered all of the tricks, impress your friends by sharing a snapshot! You can take Charlie wherever you go!
Whenever you are sad, Charlie is there to cheer you up. Charlie sleeps when you sleep and is ready to play when you are! To make Charlie perform a trick, simply learn the gesture associated with it! Need some help discovering them all?
Visit the Hints page to get some clues. If you love dogs, you will love your Pocket K-9!
Download the app to adopt your new pet and prepare to:
- Meet Charlie, the cute Border Collie sheep dog.
- Explore all the amazing tricks and watch as Charlie responds to your gestures!
- Give food and water when needed!
- Throw a ball!
- Spoil Charlie with treats!
- The first and only live-action pet game on iOS!
*** COMING SOON *** Look out for Kai the fluffy talking Samoyed snow dog!

Last updated 23 Apr 2014