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Pocket Rice is an iPhone app to solve world hunger by rewarding you with rice for playing ... More

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Published 26 Jul 2013

Everyone seems to love playing a few games of online trivia when they have a bit of spare time. There's nothing like pitting your wits against and conquering the computer as it fires question and question at you. It's what's known as a great little time-waster. But how about if your bit of trivia fun could be used in a more philanthropic way? PocketRice is and Australian based charity application for iOS which provides real grains of rice for hungry people all over the world.
Pocket Rice is an iPhone app that aims to go some way to solving world hunger by rewarding you with rice for playing trivia. This rice is then It champions people power as the solution to world hunger by crowdsourcing the global hunger challenge. Users are rewarded with up to 15 grains of rice for each question they get correct and the Pocket Rice ranking system means that questions gradually get harder. With 240 levels and titles to achieve, 15 ranks of difficulty and an unlimited pool of rice to donate, the fun never stops. Play through hundreds of intelligent questions across topics including movies, TV, sports and general knowledge. Get five questions right and reach the next rank of difficulty. Once your rice is donated you can leave the rest to Pocket Rice. Through their partnership channels they will send that rice to the organizations they have chosen for distribution. They can then hand out the rice directly to the...