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Developer description

The main different between Pocket Video Poker: TEAM UP! And all other video poker apps are:

1. Pocket Video Poker: TEAM UP! has the top visual, HUD and interface design are deeply researched provide the best Video Poker fan. Player will feel warm, deluxe and find themselves like they’re in a luxury casino room while enjoying the game.

2. NOT like other Video Poker apps, Pocket Video Poker: TEAM UP! has its own DOUBLE OR NOTHING design, which is unique and greatly welcomed by Video Poker player via our beta version (Pocket Video Poker, Links: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-video-poker/id663771682?mt=8)

3. Pocket Video Poker: Team UP! is an ONLINE GAME, which player can BUY/SELL other player in the global market.
a. BUY/SELL other player, build the great team to join Weekly Tournament. (Like Facebook’s FRIEND FOR SALE)
b. Collect share from your team members if they win chips/money.
c. Raise your own value each time there’re somebody buy you. (Like Facebook’s FRIEND FOR SALE)

Beside the unique points, Pocket Video Poker: TEAM UP! has all cool stuffs of a Video Poker must have and all better than other Video Poker games in the market, which are:

1. A lots of 5 cards draw variations. (Plus the developer team is currently working for more of them in the updates)
2. Fast gameplay, player can play this non-stop in their free time, stop and resume so easy.
3. Great daily bonus, random machine is reworked which provide an awesome playing experience, we’re making user feel the rule is fair, Pocket Video Poker don’t push player into place that they must spend real money to continue playing.
4. iAP is completely OPTIONAL. People in the production team is playing this game without any effort from iAP. We want player feel the fun, not feel the greedy of indie devs so far.
5. Pocket Video Poker: TEAM UP! auto BACKUP playing data of user online, they won’t get lost their account/progress even when they deleted their game by accident.
6. World Video Poker Weekly Tournament is open every week and provide decent chance for all player to win REAL BIG PRICE!
7. Deep quests system!

Last updated 12 Dec 2013