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PocketSmith is a web-based financial calendar that forecasts your current and future cash ... More

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Published 6 Sep 2011


If you’ve been longing to cut out the guess work and avoid the nasty shock that comes when you suddenly realise you’ve run out of money then PocketSmith just might be for you.

With an emphasis on forecasts and projections the information is relayed back to you in the form of a web based calendar. Financial information can be uploaded via OFX, QIF or CSV format or if you prefer you can enter every item manually. Working on this information, PocketSmith produces a 6 or 12 month forecast along with a daily predicted balance making it simple to see how you’re actually doing against what you’d hoped to be doing.


Loading known recurring items like your salary, savings, rent or loan repayments is simple as you can set them to repeat weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can also upload electronic bank statements resulting in a more meaningful overview of your financial situation with regular updates on your spending activity.

The site can also predict the effect of best and worst case scenarios on your budget. For example, if you are due a salary increase in a couple of months or if the roof on your house started to leak, PocketSmith can help you plan accordingly.

The site looks good and the calendar based reporting makes for comfortable and easily understandable reading. The PocketSmith calendar can also be connected with Google Calendar, Outlook, iPhone or iCal.


From a technical aspect nothing could be simpler. There are no software downloads and it can run on a PC or Mac, Windows, OS X or Linux. As long as you have an Internet connection and current generation browser the path to a better understanding of your finances is open.

Security is an obvious worry where financial information is concerned and the site is keen to point out that all information is encrypted with high-grade 256 bit AES Security. Furthermore no personally identifiable information is ever stored like names and bank account numbers.

The basic product is free to use and might well suit a lot of people. Having said that, up-grading to Premium or Super level gives you a lot more options and for only $5 or $12 a month respectively. Not much to pay for a clearer understanding of your current and future financial situation.

With the emphasis on forecasts and projections PocketSmith not only allows you to see what your current position is but can really help you plan ahead. If you have set financial goals then this site is a very good partner to help you achieve them.

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