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Better budgeting with a calendar

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Published 6 Sep 2011

[cont'd] it can run on a PC or Mac, Windows, OS X or Linux. As long as you have an Internet connection and current generation browser the path to a better understanding of your finances is open.

Security is an obvious worry where financial information is concerned and the site is keen to point out that all information is encrypted with high-grade 256 bit AES Security. Furthermore no personally identifiable information is ever stored like names and bank account numbers.

The basic product is free to use and might well suit a lot of people. Having said that, up-grading to Premium or Super level gives you a lot more options and for only $5 or $12 a month respectively. Not much to pay for a clearer understanding of your current and future financial situation.

With the emphasis on forecasts and projections PocketSmith not only allows you to see what your current position is but can really help you plan ahead. If you have set financial goals then this site is a very good partner to help you achieve them.