Developer description

PocketSuite is a whole new way to run a business entirely from your phone. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone with a phone to run a business or pay for the services they want.

--- Freelancers, Contractors, Part-time entrepreneurs
PocketSuite helps you run your business from your phone.

Ever feel as though you’re spending far too much time scheduling appointments. Ever wish it were a bit easier to know who owes you money and how much? So do we.

PocketSuite is your service calendar and billing system integrated with text messaging for managing your key business operations and keeping in touch with your clients.

Schedule your clients, send them invoices, and have them send you payments from their phones. We’ll even send them late payment and upcoming appointment reminders.

-- Anyone who wishes it were easier to pay for the services they want
PocketSuite helps you pay for the services you want from your phone.

Ever wish it were just a little bit easier to keep track of your service appointments. Ever wish paying for the services you want was a bit easier. So do we.

PocketSuite is your service appointment concierge. Helping you book and pay for the services you want. You’ll never miss a service appointment or invoice payment again.

Keep track of all your service interactions (appointments, messages, payments) in one place and send your service providers a tip when they do a great job!

Last updated 12 Nov 2013