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It's like a QR Code for location tracing

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POCode, a web application in Startup phase, is an 8 to 12 alphanumeric code (e.g. USA#2U775) ... More

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Published 25 Sep 2012

While GPS is a marvelous thing there are times in life where it's not quite enough to get you to the place you are looking for. In a business sense, it is vitally important that your customers can find you easily. POCode was designed originally when the developers were having a meltdown while trying to find a potential customer using only their GPS to find them. They longed for a map or some other foolproof way of locating their destination and came up with the idea of POCode. Think of it like this. If there are barcodes for things to purchase, and QRCodes for identifying documents and information then why not have a barcode that will always take you to a specific address?
The objective of POCode is to help improve the way people locate you or your business by allowing your friends or customers to see where your location is and to have a better idea of your location before actually making their way to your place. It is an 8 to 12 alphanumeric code (e.g. USA#2U775) that defines a particular location anywhere on this planet and can be used for identifying that particular location wherever you are. The POCode idea came about somewhere in the year 2011 when the developers were,  to a certain extent, frustrated with certain GPS units. They were trying to locate a place without a map that was proving extremely hard to locate on their GPS unit. After the...