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It's like a QR Code for location tracing

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Published 25 Sep 2012

[cont'd] ordeal, they decided that a map is very important at least to give us an idea of where the location is and what we should expect to see as we make our way there. With that in mind they created POCode and then realized that they could take the concept even further by providing more information such as coordinates, a place to embed photos that helps to make recognizing a place easier and also a way to ask for directions. POCode is also aimed at removing the language barrier when it comes to signs or street names that are foreign in the English speaking world. Or you can change address and location but your POCode remains the same. All you have to do is just to update your address on POCode using the map pointer. The beauty of POCode is that it’s short and unique and can be displayed in a variety of places such as a business card, a billboard, brochures as well as a variety of advertising mediums.
QR Codes is going to change the way we react to the world when people come to terms with them. POCode is a form of QRCode that, when customers and friends need to find your location, can just key in your code and have a map served up that will deliver a map with your address and even directions on the best way to get there, if you like. Print it on your business card, your advertising...