Developer description

Pocver short for "Pocket Converter" is a rich collection of unit conversion tools that is minialistic in design and dead simple to use, currently has 6 conversion tools that are mostly used in daily life and we aim to continually expand the tools set base on user demands. Comparing with other similar Apps, Pocver has an elegant interface and smooth user experience with minimal interactions, simply enter your original unit will get you the result of the converted unit and vice versa. Pocver only takes a few MB of storage space and do not expand, also able to work perfectly offline and ask for bare minimal permissions. Try it out today and we promise Pocver to be your only pocket unit converter!

✓ Length conversion
✓ Fuel Economy conversion
✓ Mass conversion
✓ Pressure conversion
✓ Temperature conversion
✓ Area conversion
✓ Offline compatible
✓ Fast, simple, minimalistic
✓ 100% FREE forever

Pocver aim to improve and update regularly, each update ranging from weeks to months, we encourage our user to provide feedback and report bugs to together create a better app, if you are interested in helping us improve or any suggestions such as adding a new conversion tool that we currently don't have, you are most welcomed to write us a review and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Once again thank you for choosing Pocver as your pocket unit converter.

At last, please consider rating Pocver, we appreciate your valuable feedbacks.

Last updated 21 Oct 2020

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