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Published 14 Oct 2016

[cont'd] social experience. As an added bonus, you can even order an Uber ride from the app so you can catch more Pokémon as you ride to your final destination.

For each PokeLog generated by others, you can submit a report if you find the same Pokemon yourself. Alternatively, you can report on a different Pokemon that was found in the same area. You can vote on a report in any given Log to drive it up the rankings or comment to find out more details about the reported sighting. For each report you can use AirDrop to share your photos of captured Pokemon with other AirDrop users in the area or you can share them via your favorite social network.

To join a Log, just find the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar and you can search for a particular PokeLog by its title and author. You can also use the geolocation feature to notify other players on a global map of any Pokemon that you have found. This works within a 100 meter radius. The app also includes an augmented reality feature so that you can get out and search for rare Pokemon wherever they may be.

PokeLogs was designed purely as a companion app to Pokemon GO so you will need to download that first if you haven't already. Then you can record and share your photos and reports of 'captured' Pokemon with fellow users and give them an idea of where to find ‘em...