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Hillary or the Donald? Here's a fun game to play while you wait for the election result in November

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Published 18 Jul 2016

[cont'd] is touched by your candidate, they are immediately signed up to their political party and are guaranteed to vote for them in each state. When you have recruited all the voters you need to win the state, you can move on and unlock the next level.

The hilarity comes in as you and your candidate try to avoid all the political pitfalls of the campaign. Naturally, the most important thing is to avoid any scandals (are you listening, Hillary?) that might derail the campaign. It’s also important to be able to collect contributions as you go and there are campaign buttons up for grabs along the way. You’ll laugh out loud at the animated bloopers that feature a succession of well-known political figures deliver some of their stupidest ever quotes and political blunders. This who's who of US politics includes the two main protagonists as well as Lyin' Ted Cruz, the obnoxious Sarah Palin, the almost loveable Joe Biden, current President Barack Obama (who would win in a landslide if he were allowed a third term,) the very bland Mitt Romney, former President George W Bush (who seemed to deliver more gaffes than most) and, of course, the people's pal - Bernie Sanders.

Political Pitfalls features over 50 levels of hilarious puzzle-based gameplay and you can share your replays to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with Everyplay. The game itself is fairly addictive and is easy to learn and play and features great looking graphics and characters as...