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Hillary or the Donald? Here's a fun game to play while you wait for the election result in November

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Published 18 Jul 2016

[cont'd] well as being exceptionally funny and beautifully satirical at times. To be honestt, it’s a game that’s pretty much unlike any other game on the market at the moment.

Let's face it, the US 2016 Presidential election has turned into a carnival this time around and probably deserves to have the mickey taken out of it. We've had ludicrous statements from many of the Republican candidates this year that, when fact-checked, have more often than not been proven to be completely false. How on earth anyone can take anything they say seriously defies logic to me. But, an old saying comes to mind. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voting public. Right now, Trump and Clinton are close to neck and neck when you look at opinion polls. Political Pitfalls - Path to the White House rightly puts everything in perspective by adding some much needed humor to proceedings with this fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad. Let's hope we're still smiling after the election in November. Happy trails, folks