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Published 9 Jun 2012

[cont'd] who help keep the discussions on track. See what the rest of the country is thinking and check out what other people are saying on the issues and candidates that you feel are important. Politix allows you to find like-minded thinkers and worthy opponents to engage in discussion. Check out statements crafted by experts in their fields. If you are an expert of sorts, whether it be a journalist, blogger, thought-leader, professor or policy analyst and want your statements featured with a verified profile you can create your profile and email your username so that you can be set up as a verified user.
You can't really get away with being an uninterested observer these days because the political party and leader you choose has a direct affect on the way you live. While many say there is no difference between parties these days there are many 'fringe' issues which impact on everyone's way of life. Abortion, Obamacare, foreign policy, regulating the banking sector and climate change are all issues that the candidates have very differing opinions of and it's important that everyone has some idea of where they stand on the issues by getting as much information as they can to form an opinion of their own. Politix delivers that and more. It looks great, it's easy to use and completely free. Maybe it's time to take a bigger look at the issues that affect you and start informing yourself. Politix...