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Published 6 Sep 2011

Do you often feel that your opinions are so out of kilter with your friends that you are out of the loop? Or are you planning to get into politics and want to research your potential voters? Well that's probably stretching it a bit but PollBob provides a fast and easy way to poll your friends on their opinions on anything you want to ask. PollBob is a free social community where users take, create, discover and share short opinion polls in real time and on-the-go via their iPhone. Their goal is to provide a fun and interactive experience and resource where users can instantly find out what people think.

PollBob allows the user to conduct and share polls and surveys amongst friends to instantly find out the way they are thinking on specific subjects. As you create your polls you can earn points and unlock hidden rewards. You can search the massive database for specific polls or create your own if they don't exist. Watch as the data from your friends rolls in and share it on your favorite social networking site. Your poll can even be geo- located to form opinions from people in a specific geographical area. Imagine the business opportunities that could bring

Let's face it we are obsessed with polls. There isn't a day that goes by without someone delivering another political or social bunch of opinions to hammer home a particular point they have. PollBob is a fun and...