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Published 21 Jan 2021

Over the years we, as humans, have found numerous ways of avoiding being subjected to personal advertising. Back in the good old days of 'snail-mail' we even went to the trouble of putting little 'no junk mail' stickers on our letter boxes to help prevent our mail being inundated with advertising material. So, advertisers got smarter and started targeting our email delivery. You'd open up your email every morning and have to wade through copious amounts of spam until we learned how to filter it straight into our junk folders. 

However, junk mail and spam are fairly random ways for advertisers to get their message across so they found another way of targeting people more accurately. They started buying bulk email addresses from everyone from department stores to banks (of course, they both deny that fact vociferously) so they could target people more accurately. Now we are bombarded with more dangerous advertising with our emails and phone numbers often in the hands of unscrupulous people and even Nigerian Princes from time to time. So, what we have here is a sure fire way of avoiding much of this malarkey. 

Polycred is a new email alias generator and manager that keeps your personal email address hidden from advertisers and shysters without the hassle of a second inbox to deal with every morning. It's a simple one-click app that generates an unlimited amount of unique email aliases for everything from petitions to website sign ups and conveniently delivers...