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Published 21 Jan 2021

[cont'd] them straight into your regular email address. This keeps your real email address totally private, safe and secure and stops spam by controlling just who can see the real you. Of course, Polycred still lets you send and receive emails from your personal email inbox as normal but any using your alias address will appear to be from your alter ego and won't show who you really are. 

The app is remarkably simple to use. After you've signed up for free and installed the add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Edge you can click on the Polycred icon on email fields on any website sign up page and the app will generate a unique email alias. Thereafter, all emails sent from this site will go to your alias but will be readable from your regular email account. Don't worry if you like to use a password manager because Polycred is compatible with those too. The app will conveniently auto fill the form for you with your alternative email details. If you receive any spam or reckon that a website associated with your unique email address is responsible, you can simply delete or disable it with one click. The use of different aliases each time gives you better protection from marketers and hackers and puts a stop to those leaked email addresses that everyone dreads. 

Polycred is email for the modern world with it's very effective, convenient, simple and fast actions making spam problems...