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Become the next Efren Reyes or Ronnie O'Sullivan without even leaving your bedroom

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If you enjoy playing pool, you must take a look at Pool Break 3D Billiards and Snooker - the ... More

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Published 16 May 2017

If you've ever player pool, billiards or snooker in real life you'll know that each requires all of one's powers of concentration in order to be successful. To play well takes time and a lot of practise but it can be an overwhelmingly satisfying experience when you finally play well and win a game. If you've ever tried to play a game on your computer or mobile device, however, you've probably come away a little underwhelmed. There are lots of pool and snooker apps out there but, up till now, none have really managed to come anywhere near the realism and drama of the real thing. The spin shots. The canons. The color. The strategy. But things have changed now.

Pool Break is a new suite of 3D games for iOS and Android that manages to provide all the realistic game-play of snooker, billiards and pool (and a whole lot more) that you'll ever need. It features a phenomenal physics engine that lets you easily line up your shots, apply spin and position yourself for the next shot just like you would on a real table. And, while the game is simply called Pool Break, it's actually a lot more, with over twenty different versions of pool, billiards and snooker available as well popular board games Crokinole and Carrom thrown in for good measure.

The app supports game-play between you and four increasingly skilled opponents and includes four difficulty levels but there are...