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Developer description

Popcompanion mobile is an application for iPhone and iPad developed by Popfax that turns your mobile phone into a miniature fax machine either by:

- subscribing to an embedded 7 days free tryout period;
- activating an account using a Popcode;
- or purchasing a 1 year subscription, which includes the Option Pack, 50 fax pages to send and free and unlimited reception for only 94.99 USD / 74.99 EUR / 64.99 GBP per year.

The new application works in conjunction with a Popfax online account and allows customers to:
- Send faxes for only 0.05 EUR/page, free and unlimited fax reception
- View, download and forward fax to email, or to another fax number
- Receive and listen to voice messages
- Personalize faxes with a cover page
- Manage personal contacts and folders

Your business communications now fit in your pocket!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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