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Developer description

is a visual thinking tool and ideas management productivity app available for use for free online as a web app, and on the iPad (in both free and paid versions). An iPhone version is being released in the near future.

Popplet lets users work individually or in teams to create popplet boards filled with "popples" or idea balloons that can be filled with text, URL links, social media images, photos or youtube videos or web images. Popples can have connector lines added to show relationships between concepts.

It is an ideal tool to stimulate visual thinking and generate new, holistic perspectives on any given theme or concept being mapped, and helps encourage right and left brain approaches to organizing and synthesizing information. Popplets can be saved as images or pdfs or embedded into websites, or turned into popplet presentations in zoomable or sequential popple order.

As a collaboration tool, Popplet offers users a range of peIrmission levels from allowing others to view publicly-shared popplets, to more collaborative roles for team mates in adding to a popplet board or having complete editing rights over a team's popplet board project. Popplets can be shared directly with facebook and twitter accounts, via email, or embedded into websites and blogs.

All app versions are fully functioning, with a Popplet Lite version available for free for the iPad with one popplet board, while the full paid version of the iPad app has unlimited access to popplets.

Funds raised from sales of the iPad app help pay for educational users to access popplet for free and also fund the app's use of data servers that provide users with a stable, reliable and secure data storage system in the cloud.

The Popplet blog, Poppletrocks! (http://blog.popplet.com) publishes tutorials on new popplet techniques, ideas for using popplet in business and school, and profiles of popplet users from around the world. Customer support is available via email, a community portal site, or directly via twitter or facebook comments.

Last updated 1 Apr 2012

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