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For billions and billions of years, surveys have sucked. The founders of Grasshopper have ... More

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Published 7 Nov 2011

Surveys are a fascinating phenomenon aren't they? Despite our seeming obsession with polling people for their opinion on everything from preferred political leaders to the taste of cream cheese they can be manipulated beyond belief. You can basically interpret the information anyway you want to. The only thing that tends to turn that around is the volume of people taking part. The more people that take part the less chance there is to interpret it wrongly. PopSurvey creates beautiful looking and interesting surveys that really do encourage people to get involved.
For billions and billions of years surveys have sucked. The founders of Grasshopper have created PopSurvey to try to change that. Design plays an important part in our lives and they wanted to carry that to surveys so that at least they’re enjoyable to take part in and don’t embarrass the companies that send them. PopSurvey is a design survey tool that delivers a better kind of survey. Beautiful background images and gorgeous designs make survey taking a much more interesting and fun thing to get involved in and leads to higher completion rates and better accuracy for your results. PopSurvey is unlike any survey you have ever seen before. They provide a free basic service for the single user who expects up to 100 or so responses per month but for the professional user you can have unlimited access to all of PopSurvey's services for a very cost effective US$48 per month.