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Popular Science is the world's largest science and technology magazine, writing about everything from gadgets to global warming. We explain how the cutting edge of science effects your daily life, and show you the future, now. Unlike other 'page turner' magazines, Popular Science UK is designed exclusively for the iPad, making the most of everything the tablet has to offer, with interactive multi-layered pages, video and more. Every page of every issue of Popular Science UK is designed for the iPad, with full Retina display support. We bring the in-depth features, science news and stunning multimedia of Popular Science to iPad users in the UK. All the gadget and product reviews are exclusively written for the UK market, and the Headlines section includes commentary on science and technology news as reported in the UK media.

Popular Science UK is published on the Mag+ platform and has been adapted for the UK market. Each issue of Popular Science UK includes six main sections packed with the latest science and technology:

Every month we begin by showcasing the month's most astounding photographs, explaining the situation and science behind each. Every image in Popular Science UK is optimised to look great on the iPad 3's Retina display.

What's New
From self-cooling cans to electric cars, we explore the best new technology that you can go out and buy - and also how it works.

What's happened this month? Whether it's nanotechnology or a new skyscraper design, we explain the new developments and trends in science and technology.

Looking for a long read? We explore the most important and most interesting science and technology issues as in-depth feature articles.

How 2.0
Do try this at home: not all science needs to take place in a lab. We explore the best shed-made technology, and explain simple projects that can be tried out at home.

The Future Then
We delve into the PopSci archives to see the future technology that got lost along the way.

Last updated 20 Aug 2013

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